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Your Biz Mentor LLC is solo entrepreneurship owned and operated by Alisa Ploco, who is an experienced professional and certified Business Mentor. Alisa's background is in Marketing field. She has spent 16y in the corporate world serving clients in multiple industries. Alisa is offering business and marketing mentoring services as well as the online workshops for small businesses and professionals.  Alisa is passionate about helping businesses and start-ups grow their businesses. She has served clients from multiple industries both in the US and abroad. Those include retail, finance, CPG, eCommerce, real estate, IT, HR, etc. In 2018 she has discovered the real power of LinkedIn as a social media platform number one for B2B oriented companies and professionals. Now, she's conducting training and workshops, educating others to utilize LinkedIn in order to generate leads and increase sales. 

Alisa is also very passionate about helping the local community. She's a proud member and certified business mentor of SCORE. 


Want to experience the expertise of Your Biz Mentor LLC for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you. She spends her time volunteering with SCORE as one of their mentors and Board Members, as well as with Big Brothers and Sisters as a big sister. 

Alisa is a business owner herself and utilizes her expertise and experience to help other businesses succeed.

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