Unlock The Full Power Of LinkedIn To Connect, Build Authority, and Grow Business



Perfect for service-oriented professionals like real estate, insurance, mortgage brokers, financial experts, IT experts, business owners, consultants, fitness coaches, accountants…

Imagine what you could achieve with an endless supply of leads, incredible influence, and the ability to connect with the people you need. 


If you are on the platform, make the most of it and start growing today!

The course is accessible on a monthly subscription basis that you can cancel any time with one click. Refund valid for the first 24h after the course purchase.


Why Now?


Now is the time to get ahead of the sea of competition that is soon to come. 

By establishing yourself now, you will benefit massively in the future.

Organic reach on LinkedIn is an all-time high!

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to grow in the future.


If you want to stay where you are! Then, this course is NOT for YOU!


Why LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is a perfect platform for professionals looking to connect, network, and grow their business online.


In fact, over 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn, where they enjoy the most up to date knowledge, networking, and generating hot leads! 


But if you are here, you probably already know the massive benefits of LinkedIn - now you want to capitalize on these benefits.

I am here to help! 



Leverage LinkedIn for Personal Branding and Business Growth


Burst through the scene with these proven principles for LinkedIn growth! 

 Build a personal brand

that aligns with your business and personal goals.

Promote yourself and your company

all while establishing trust, credibility, and expertise.

Stop struggling to find the clients -

let them come to you saving countless hours, headaches, and dollars!

Achieve rapid growth in mere months!


Learn how I grew organically from 500 to 6,000 LinkedIn connections

in less than six months.


    Increase engagement, build relationships, and get your voice heard!


What You’ll Receive 


In this course, you will receive 50 step-by-step video tutorials breaking down everything you need to succeed on LinkedIn.

You will learn how to create and optimize your account, connection, growth, and engagement strategies on LinkedIn, content creation, and becoming a thought leader in your industry.


Finally, how to generate leads that convert into sales!

Best of all you will learn this information in only two hours! 


I am only providing valuable and actionable steps to help you succeed! 



Why You Can Trust This Course

“Leverage LinkedIn for Personal Branding and Business Growth”

has been crafted during my own LinkedIn journey.


I've presented it in 50 real-time and step-by-step video tutorials in which you'll be able to follow my own LinkedIn growth and learn by doing it. 


I'm Alisa Ploco, an experienced digital marketing professional, who has been present in the business world for over 17 years, helping clients across industries. 

I have seen the power of LinkedIn with my own eyes and I know the ins and outs of growing a brand. In just six months, I've expanded my audience by over 6,000 people and I am now reaping the benefits. 

I can connect in ways I never thought possible with people who would be out of reach with other means. I can share stories, advice, and posts that reach thousands of individuals, attract clients, businesses, and much more. 


In my course, I'm revealing these powerful insider tips to help you grow on LinkedIn, no matter your experience, industry, or knowledge.


Use your chance today to learn how to promote your business to the 655 million LinkedIn users for free!


As Gary V said:


“LinkedIn today is where Facebook was in 2012 when it comes to the organic reach”.

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