Is LinkedIn Perfect for Your Business?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I am sharing with you my own experience with LinkedIn. I have achieved my business goals and I am confident that YOU can do it too!

Yes. I have generated business from my LinkedIn profile!

LinkedIn made it possible for me to showcase my knowledge and experience. It helped me build my personal brand through thought-leadership and increased credibility. Without credibility, people will not even want to be in contact with you. Let alone doing business together.

I have connected with global, internationally recognized experts.

I have received many collaboration requests from company owners on other continents. LinkedIn made it possible to meet them.

I have generated income from those collaborations which helped me grow my online business!

And I can go on and on about the benefits of LinkedIn...

So, let's see what made LinkedIn a perfect social media platform for my own business

I'm a digital marketing and personal branding strategist providing management consultancy services.

My targeted audience are service-oriented entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and business professionals. In other words, business professionals whose targeted audience is on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn? Simply because it is the only professional social media platform out there. It is the most credible platform which makes it perfect for building a strong personal brand. It gives your personal and business brand global exposure. I used it to increase my brand awareness and then to build my personal brand..

Client testimonials and endorsements on your LinkedIn profile are crucial in building trust and credibility for your personal brand. And these two are absolutely necessary in order for clients to buy from you.

LinkedIn allows you to share valuable content related to your industry with other LinkedIn users for FREE. This in return helps increase your credibility and industry authority.

LinkedIn posts provide global exposure for your business, increase your brand permanent visibility, which all helps your business to rank better on Google Search.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to collaborate with others globally. In some cases you use their services, in other cases, they use yours, or you find to way to collaborate together.

With the right keywords in your profile, you are easily found by clients, potential collaborators, business partners, or other net workers.

Posting Video Content on LinkedIn can help you increase your confidence in public speaking.

And the list goes on...

Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Here are some other tips on how to leverage LinkedIn for building a strong personal brand

Use the power of video. Tell your story. Showcase your industry insights.

Join industry-related groups, monitor interaction and competition. Get inspired for your own content.

Give your page personality. Show who you are and what your personal brand stands for.

Now is the time to invest in yourself by building a personal brand.

Your headline, the first two lines of it, is the most visible part of your profile.

Create and publish articles, at least three or more which speak about your industry.

Publish content that will attract your potential clients. Focus on buzz-worthy topics. Choose webinars, video posts, direct emails, and similar.

Use content to:

Connect meaningfully

Build relationships

Grow your network

Get speaking opportunities

Generate leads

Find speaking gigs

And more...!

Why I've created a LinkedIn Course?

I was sharing what I've learned in a form of short video tips on LinkedIn and it turned out that other LinkedIn users have found a great value in it. My wish was to share what I've learned with as many people as possible, so that they can leverage LinkedIn for business growth too. Unfortunately, my limited time didn't allow me to share as much content as I'd like to. So, I've decided to create an online course consisted of 50 step-by-step actionable video tutorials on how to leverage LinkedIn for personal branding and business growth. It's ideal for new LinkedIn users and for those with less than 500 or even 1000 LinkedIn connections.

This course is for YOU if...

You are service-oriented professionals, i.e. offering your services either online or offline to other individuals or companies. It's perfect for business professionals, sales professionals, IT experts, lawyers, accountants, real estate, mortgage or insurance professionals, financial experts, consultants, and coaches, journalists, and similar professions.

You have less than 1000 or less than 500 connections on LinkedIn! However, personally I had many clients with more than ten thousand connection who wanted to build a strong personal brand. In their case, even though they had such a big number of connections, their LinkedIn presence was still very week, almost unnoticeable.

You want to let people know about who you are and what you do so that you can increase your income.

You are willing to put yourself out there and share your knowledge and experience or share content valuable to your targeted audience - your potential clients.

You don't want to miss the momentum for the organic reach on LinkedIn. It's happening right now, and it won't last forever, as Gary V. said.

You don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to, so-called LinkedIn automation gurus. Did you know that certain automation tools on LinkedIn are against LinkedIn policy and they can get your profile banned? In that case, you might lose all of your contacts on LinkedIn forever.

You want to take the marketing of your business into your own hands! After all, you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, service provider, a coach, consultant, mentor, or a freelancer. In other words, you want to sell your services to other individuals or companies.

Now, let me give you an example of who is this for?

Examples of the millionaires and other strong personal brands out there who have a strong presence on LinkedIn and generate profit from it!

· Motivational Speakers - Tonny Robbins, Simon Sinek, Brian Tracy, ...

· Real Estate Consultant and Entrepreneur - Ryan Serhant

· Entrepreneur - Gary V.

· Business Mentors - Dan Pena, Dan Lock

· Investor - Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec...

· Marketing Expert - Neil Patel

· Book Authors - Daniel Goleman, Robert Kiyosaki,...!

And, you know what's interesting, many of them are using their LinkedIn profile personally.

If you belong to any of the mentioned categories, please note that timing is crucial! Now is the momentum! Everyone is turning more and more to the online world and transitioning from traditional to digital! The ball is in your corner. Take action! Take that first step! Join today! If you keep doing the same things you've done before, you'll keep getting the same results! Start doing things differently if you want a different outcome!

Don't hesitate to schedule a FREE strategy call if you'd like to build a strong personal brand by positioning yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.

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