Who is Your Biz Mentor?

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

What others say about me!

Julie Collorafi

Latin Language Program Author

June 11, 2019, Julie was a client of Alisa’s

Alisa Ploco is an outstanding business consultant and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her. The advice she gives is first-rate and she has a wonderful ability to adapt to any business climate. She is polite, courteous and prompt at all times, and most generous with her time. I recommend her to you without hesitation!!

Sandra C. Ramsey, CDT

Founder of Great Crowns & Smiles Dental Lab, LLC

June 2, 2019, Sandra C. was a client of Alisa’s

Alisa Ploco is an exceptional resource and asset for my network and business. Her knowledge of marketing and connections with business helped my business to become more present in our dental industry.

Carl Coslow

Business Mentoring

May 22, 2019, Alisa worked with Carl in the same group

I am the current Chapter Chairman of SCORE, an organization that provides free best in class mentoring services to a wide range of clients. Alisa is one of the chapter’s most knowledgeable and productive mentors. She spends the time to fully understand a client's needs and applies current management techniques to increase the client's probability of being successful. I have had the opportunity to review the client’s evaluation of Alisa’s skill set and without exception, they believe her efforts assisted them to be successful. Her mentoring was representative of the caliber of assistance they needed but didn’t have the resources to pay for.

I'm a Certified #BusinessMentor who has spent years helping #SmallBusiness owners strive in a challenging business environment.

I've served clients from multiple industries. E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Dentistry, Retail Owners, Restaurants, Wellness Coaches, just to mention some.

Since my professional background is in Marketing, I've been constantly engaged in a business community by providing adequate #Business and #Marketing Solutions.

So, what I'm engaged in, right now, is helping companies realize where to focus their business and marketing efforts in order to grow their business potential.

In certain cases, companies utilize my expertise in the form of providing #training to their employees or their sales force.

Nowadays, I'm providing more and more live training on how to utilize the power of #LinkedIn to grow your business. 80% of the business leads come from LinkedIn. It makes sense to be part of it.

I also focus on a number of clients - #businessowners who are in need of periodic business guidelines. I conduct one-on-one #mentoringsessions with them, usually on a weekly basis for at least three months.

I'm happy to see many of my clients succeed. I always see their success as my own and I strongly believe that's the reason for my success as well.

Business Mentoring for Small Business and Startup Owners in Louisville

A bit more about my personality

I'm a child of middle-class parents. Born, raised and grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia. I've traveled to many countries, even lived in some of them. Those are Germany, Egypt, Denmark, and now, the US.

Don't get fooled by a gentle smile on my face, I went through a lot in life. For everything that I've ever achieved, I needed to roll up my sleeves and work hard for it. Just like during my university studies, when I worked in a full-time job and studied. When I was in the third year, I became a mom of my, now - a 17 y old son. As I've raised him as a single parent, I couldn't be more proud of a person he became. When I was at his age, my days were spent in a war zone in Bosnia and that lasted for 3,5 y. Keeping that in mind, I guess I can tell, I possess pretty strong survival skills, as well :).

Speaking about my career path, I turned out to be present in multiple industries. Those included consumer goods, retail, real estate, and banking field. Working across multiple industries, as well as abroad, I've had the privilege of cooperating with multinationals from different cultural and industry backgrounds. That, as well as traveling, has enriched and influenced my life in a positive way. Overall, strong personality, but also very compassionate & understanding, more of a leader than a manager - ME.

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