The Top 10 LinkedIn Pages of 2019

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

LinkedIn has just announced the top 10 company pages on LinkedIn. Best of Pages 2019, by numbers nominations, received 12,033 companies nominated 2,000+ members voted 9,234 countries participated 111.

The 2019 top ten Pages were determined using the number of members who nominated a Page, as well as the number of engagements (defined as an aggregate of public-facing reactions and comments) on the Page’s first nomination post (defined chronologically; deleted posts weren't counted). To qualify, all nomination posts — whether by member or Page — were required to include the hashtag #BestofPages.

So, here they are!

1. Teleperformance

2. Hays

3. Deloitte

4. Cvent

5. Hotmart

6. Jabil

7. Cognixia

8. Aurecon

9. Philips

10. Jacob

If you’re wondering what do these companies do well in order for their company page to stand out? Here’s what the LinkedIn marketing blog shared about it.

#1: Teleperformance

What They Do Well: Teleperformance makes exemplary use of native video, frequently sharing quick-hit content that is short, snackable, and easily digested even without sound. They humanize their brand by featuring company leaders in the video content and establish credible thought leadership through the use of third-party stats.

#2: Hays

What They Do Well: Hays creates a ton of excellent PDF-based content and often uploads it directly to their feed for easy consumption. For example, check out the company’s branded digital magazine, Hays Journal, which you can page through right on LinkedIn. Hays also showcases original research, features enticing snippets to promote larger content offerings, and strikes a deeper chord by highlighting initiatives such as #WorldMentalHealthDay. They mix in plenty of links to their owned blog content, as well.

#3: Deloitte

What They Do Well: In addition to the materials a prospective candidate can view in Deloitte’s robust and informative Life tab, they also promote their corporate culture through a native video featuring real employees, helping attract top talent. In addition, they use their Page to drive registration for events, including those where company leaders are speaking. They’re smart to use the star power of their executives to drive a larger audience.

#4: Cvent

What They Do Well: As you scroll through the Page feed, you’ll quickly come to notice that Cvent is not product-first in their content — they genuinely want their content to be useful and relevant to their audience. Check out their posts on event planning, event technology, and GDPR. They also recently plugged into Veteran’s Day to demonstrate company values, as part of their #MondayMotivation series.

#5: Hotmart

What They Do Well: Hotmart celebrates company wins in a fun way, spicing up the copy of their posts with the universally-recognized language of emojis. They also celebrate their people, highlighting birthdays and anniversaries. It’s always important to remember that businesses are collections of people, and Hotmart embraces this by consistently putting human faces forward.

#6: Jabil

What They Do Well: Jabil keeps a fi